CEDS v_2021_04_21 gridded emissions data

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CMIP6 historical anthropogenic emissions data from 1750 - 2019 mapped to a 0.5° global grid. The format is the same as the CMIP6 data release (Hoesly et al. 2018). Data is provided in netCDF files with bulk, spectated VOC, and solid biofuel emissions, along with checksum files that provide global total emissions by year and sector. This v2021_04_21 release is a minor update to the v_2021-02-05 system release, with updates to four iso's (Australia, Canada, South Korea, and Taiwan.

See https://github.com/JGCRI/CEDS/ for updates. A journal paper citation will be posted there when that is available.

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Steven J Smith, PNNL

Smith is an Earth Scientist at PNNL whose recent research has focused on the interactions between air pollution and climate, the potential near-term role of short-lived climate forcers, and the development of comprehensive estimates of historical air pollutant emissions over the industrial era...

Hamza is a Post Masters Research Associate at JGCRI within the Earth and Biological Sciences Directorate of PNNL. He has recently been working on the CEDS project to help develop a database of historical pollutant emissions for research and analysis. Prior to joining PNNL, Hamza completed graduate...

Andrea is a Post Masters Research Associate at PNNL. She is recently working on the CEDS project, tracking and analyzing historical anthropogenic emissions. Before joining JGCRI, she received her master's in Renewable and Clean Energy and bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of...