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The data accompanies the manuscript that evaluates salinity-associated shifts in organic C thermodynamics, biochemical transformations, and heteroatom content in a first-order coastal watershed in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, USA. The files contain raw data including soil chemical characteristics, data filtering steps, BNTI values, Operational Taxonomic Unit abundance, metadata corresponding to OTU table, FTICR-MS derived processed data from FREDA (water and chloroform fractions), community assembly process estimates, microbial abundance data and bar plot at the phylum level, and R codes. The files are related to the publication and have been used in the results and analyses section. This dataset contains processed 16S rRNA amplicon sequences into OTU table, the corresponding tree file, metadata, community assembly process analysis and results, microbial phyla abundances, and codes evaluating BNTI indices and community assembly process estimates. The sequences were generated on Illumina MiSeq platform at PNNL by Sarah Fansler and pre-processing of sequencing was done by Colin Brislawn.” This metadata sheet prepared by Aditi Sengupta provides a list of data files and supporting data and codes. 1. Soil environmental Variables 2. Rarefied OTU table 3. Sequence data (NCBI SRA accession BioProject PRJNA541992) with sample IDs of biological and technical replicates matched with sample IDs used in the Beaver Creek study. 4. Water Soluble Organic carbon (WSOC) FTICR processed report 5. Rarefied tree 6. CHCl3 FTICR processed report 7. Data filtering steps for FREDA 8. Code for FTICR data processing and statistics 9. Water soluble organic carbon fraction FREDA output file 10. CHCl3 FREDA output file 11. Van Krevelen plots_data 12. Code for BNTI analysis 13. BNTI output file 14. Community assembly process estimates 15. Microbial Phyla_taxonomic abundance 16. Microbial phyla_bar plot 17. Working document

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