IEEE VAST 2009 Challenge

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The VAST 2009 Challenge scenario concerned a fictitious, cyber security event. An employee leaked important information from an embassy to a criminal organization. Participants were asked to discover the identity ofthe employee and the structure of the criminal organization. Participants were provided with the following three data sets, one for each mini-challenge:

  • Badge and network traffic within the embassy
  • Social network data (including geospatial information) about the criminal organization
  • Video data from cameras located near the embassy

The National Visualization and Analytics Center (NVAC) Threat Stream Generator project team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed the data sets. Each set was embedded with non-trivially discoverable ground truth. Each mini-challenge consisted of a data set, instructions and a number of questions to be answered. Participants could enter one or more of the mini-challenges. The Grand Challenge required participants to pull together information from all three data sets and write a debrief summarizing the situation. Teams were asked to provide a video and a clear process description of how the system was utilized to arrive at their conclusions as we have no access to the systems.

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