IEEE 9 Bus Model with Cybersecurity Scenarios

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This dataset includes one baseline and three cybersecurity based scenarios utilizing the IEEE 9 Bus Model. This instantiation of the IEEE 9 model was built utilizing the OpalRT Simulator ePhasorsim module, with Bus 7 represented by hardware in the loop (HiL). The HiL was represented by two SEL351s, one SEL451, and an SEL 3530 RTAC. OPC server and technician workstation were both represented by virtual machines in the environment. The four scenarios are described below: 

-4 Day Baseline Datasets
   A baseline of system activity was taken over the course of 96 hours. All data was monitored in the same way
   it would be monitored for each attack. 

-Attack 1 Datasets
   Open hardware relay between bus 8 and bus 7 using malicious packet. Control logic kicks in, no blackout caused. 

-Attack 1A Datasets 
   Open hardware relay between bus 8 and bus 7 using malicious packet, protection logic on bus 8 is different, 
   causing blackout on bus 8 load. 

-Attack 4 Datasets
   Transformers attached to bus2 and bus1 are disabled manually, causing grid blackout with islanding.