An infrared spectral database for detection of gases emitted by biomass burning.

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We report the construction of a database of infrared spectra aimed at detecting the gases emitted by biomass burning. The project uses many of the methods of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) infrared database, but the selection of the species and special experimental considerations are optimized. Each spectrum is a weighted average derived from 10 or more individual measurements. Each composite has a spectral range from ≤600 to ≥6500 cm−1 with an instrumental apodized resolution of 0.11 cm−1. The resolution was chosen to bring out all spectral features, but recognizing that pressure broadening at 760 Torr results in essentially all ro-vibrational lines having these or greater linewidths.

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The PNNL-SERDP database was constructed by PNNL to generate the quantitative infrared spectra of gases associated with biomass burning; the reference data are to allow detection and quantification of such gases via infrared absorption spectroscopy. Candidates for the database were selected based on...


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