Perspective—Electrochemistry in Understanding and Designing Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

Journal Article
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, vol. 169, iss. 1, pp. 010524, 2022
Jie Xiao, Cassidy Anderson, Xia Cao, Hee-Jung Chang, Ruozhu Feng, Qian Huang, Yan Jin, Heather Job, Ju-Myung Kim, Phung M. L. Le, Dianying Liu, Lorraine Seymour, Nimat Shamim, Lili Shi, Bhuvaneswari Sivakumar
The number of publications in electrochemical energy storage has increased exponentially in the past decades, focusing mostly on materials science. The electrochemical process controlling the observed overall performances is often not well discussed. This article highlights the importance of understanding rate-limiting steps in the electrochemical process which change dynamically at different conditions and scales. Applying electrochemistry to identify and overcome those rate-limiting steps in the electrochemical devices is the prerequisite to discovering effective solutions and designing different batteries to further advance electrochemical energy storage systems for a broad range of various applications.