How do I Log in?


1. Select the login button, where you will be prompted to login to ORCID

Login button

2. If you already have an ORCID, you may sign into it here and proceed.     If not, please create an account.


3. DataHub needs the ORCID email visibility settings to be open, so next we'll need to change those settings in ORCID.

  • If you attempt to sign into DataHub with your ORCID and the email settings are not visible, you'll receive this error.


  • ORCID makes this private by default, but you can change this setting on the ORCID page
  • On the left side column, find the Emails link, and select the pencil icon:

Private email

  • A new window will display - Select the visibility option to Everyone for your preferred email.

Private email >>> Visible email

  • When your email is public, the indicator will be green instead of red:

Public email

4. Once you are signed into ORCID and your email is public, go back to DataHub and hit the login button again