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Sheng Guan


Sheng Guan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree from Case Western Reserve University under the supervision of Dr. Yinghui Wu.  Sheng got his master’s and bachelor’s degree from Florida International University (major in computer science, 2017), The Hong Kong University of Science &Technology (major in telecommunication, 2013), and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (major in information engineering, 2012), respectively. Sheng’s research spans the areas of big data, data mining, neural network-based machine learning for graphs. Sheng previously worked in Hong Kong as a Data Analyst (2013-2014, iClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd)

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Many important application data streams can be modeled as a complex graph of entities, where each graph node or entity is associated with a multi-variate time-series. The overall system’s behavior is modeled as a dynamical system, and it evolves through structural changes in the graph, and/or...

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