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This dataset contains the internal (log base 2 metabolite abundance) and external (plant biomass) phenotype data collected from 290 Brachypodium distachyon plants from 30 different accessions subjected to well-watered and underwatered treatment conditions. The data is contained in a comma separated file with rows corresponding to individual plants and columns corresponding to sample identifiers and measurements taken those plants.

The “Treatment” column indicates if the plant was watered regularly (“Control”) or subjected to a drought like treatment (“Drought”). The “Plant_Line” column indicates which of the 30 accessions the plant belongs to. The “AG_weight,” “BG_weight,” and “Total_weight” columns give the dry aboveground, belowground and total weight measured from each plant. The remaining columns indicate the log base 2 abundance of metabolites measured from the plant leaves (column names prefaced with “Above”) or roots (column names prefaced with “Below”). If known, the name of the metabolite is contained in the column header; if unknown, the metabolite is simply referred to as “unknown.” For complete information on how the data were collected and processed, see Handakumbura et al. (2019).

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