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The Predicting Ecosystem Resilience through Multiscale Integrative Science (PREMIS) database was generated to mechanistically understand how feedbacks across scales, from molecular to plant to plant populations and communities to ecosystems, govern the resilience of system functions to elevated CO2 levels and altered fresh water availability, and encapsulate that knowledge in multiscale predictive models. The pursuit of this research is to leverage model grasses in lab or field-plot settings to unravel how information in the plant genome is transmitted to phenotypic expression across scales, from molecular to the integrated plant-microbe-soil system. Particular emphasis is on assimilation, allocation, and transformation of carbon, and how these processes are impacted by environmental perturbations such as elevated CO2, drought, and salinity stress. With the benefits of fundamental understanding of how plant genotypic diversity influences plant-microbe-soil interactions, we are in position to better predict long-term ecosystem resilience and function.

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