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Soil samples were collected in triplicate in the Fall of 2017 across three grassland locations having differences in historical annual precipitation. For each of the three field site soil collections, one deeply sequenced composite metagenome (> 1 terabase) was obtained and individually sequenced in replicate to provide three additional terabase metagenomes for replicate statistical comparison in addition to screening for viral soil contigs for assessing the impact of historical annual precipitation. This data package provides new knowledge of viral types, abundances, diversity, and auxiliary metabolic genes (AMGs) in grassland soils for predicting viral response to changes in their environment. 


Metagenomics sequencing of material recovered from environmental soil samples is to provide insight into the biodiversity and function of associated environmental data. The versions described here are the second versions. Dataset downloads contain raw read sequencing files, MIMS.me.soil.5.0 metadata information, and a dataset “Read Me” file. Dataset assembly files and functional annotation files are currently pending. For reference field site collection plot map, please see the COBS IA-TmG.1.0 data download plot map listed below under the data dictionary.


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  1. IA-TmG.2.0 Raw Reads [356 GB; 6 items]

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  1. IA-TmG.2.0 Functional Annotations
  2. IA-TmG.2.0 Assembly


Related Experimental Data

Terabase Metagenome: IA-TmG.1.0 | 10.25584/IATmG1/1635005

Publication(s): https://doi.org/10.1128/MRA.00718-20



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