An experimental database of cell performance for vanadium redox flow battery

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The continual growth in energy demand has resulted in the deployment of renewable energy generators to reduce the impact of fossil fuel dependence. However, these generators often suffer from intermittency and require energy storage when there is over-generation and the subsequent release of this stored energy at high demand. One promising energy storage technology which can provide a solution to improve energy management and grid stability, is the redox flow battery. Among the numerous flow battery systems, vanadium redox flow battery is the most iconic solution to large scale energy storage, giving a more efficient link between energy production, especially from renewables, and energy demand. The aim of the current database is to characterize the performance of the cell design and to provide training/validation data for physical model or data-driven model. The database includes hundreds of experimental cell performance data of vanadium redox flow battery with various current densities for multiple charge-discharge cycles. All the cell parameters, chemical parameters, material parameters, operation parameters and thermodynamic parameters of the cell system are listed. Coulomb, voltaic and energy efficiencies are also provided. The database will be helpful for researchers in the field of redox flow batteries.


Data Category

  1. Standard (1.5M V + 5M H2SO4) and other Sulfate Electrolytess

  • Flow through 
  • Interdigitated

  2. Standard (2M V + 2M H2SO4 + 5M HCl) and other Mixed Acid Electrolytes

  • N212 membrane
  • N1035 membrane

  3. Electrolyte Additives

  • Acetic acid
  • MgCl2 + (NH4)2HPO4
  • transition metal ions

  4. Other Sulfate Electrolytes

  5. Other Mixed Acid Electrolytes



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