EIA Form 714 Annual Electric Balancing Authority Area and Planning Area Report Dataset

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The Commission collects data from electric utility balancing authority and planning areas in the United States. The Form 714 is authorized by the Federal Power Act and is a regulatory support requirement as provided by 18 CFR § 141.51 External Link .

The data will be used to obtain a broad picture of interconnected balancing authority area operations including comprehensive information of balancing authority area generation, actual and scheduled inter-balancing authority area power transfers, and load; and to prepare status reports on the electric utility industry including review of inter-balancing authority area bulk power trade information.

Planning area data will be used to monitor forecasted demands by electric utility entities with fundamental demand responsibility, and to develop hourly demand characteristics.

Previous years are available here: https://www.ferc.gov/industries-data/electric/general-information/electric-industry-forms/form-no-714-annual-electric/data 

Source Filename: form714-database.zip


  • Part 3 Schedule 2 - Planning Area Hourly Demand.csv
  • Respondent IDs.cs