Global Soil Virus (GSV) Atlas

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Please cite as: Graham E.B., A. Camargo, R. Wu, R.Y. Neches, M. Nolan, W.C. Nelson, and M.M. Pleake, et al. 2024. Global Soil Virus (GSV) Atlas. [Data Set] PNNL DataHub. 10.25584/2229733

This data is published under a CC0 license. The authors encourage data reuse and request attribution by referencing the above citations for the data package and associated manuscript

Principal Researcher: Kirsten Hofmockel

Historically neglected by microbial ecologists, soil viruses are now thought to be critical to global biogeochemical cycles. However, our understanding of their global distribution, activities, and interactions with the soil microbiome remains limited. Here, we present the Global Soil Virus (GSV) Atlas, a comprehensive dataset compiled from 2,953 previously sequenced soil metagenomes and comprised of 616,935 uncultivated viral genomes (UViGs) and 38,508 unique viral operational taxonomic units (vOTUs). Rarefaction curves from the GSV Atlas indicate that most soil viral diversity remains unexplored, further underscored by high spatial turnover and low rates of shared vOTUs across samples. By examining genes associated with biogeochemical functions, we also demonstrate the viral potential to impact soil carbon and nutrient cycling. This study represents an extensive characterization of soil viral diversity and provides a foundation for developing testable hypotheses regarding the role of the virosphere in the soil microbiome and global biogeochemistry.

Data from Graham E.B., A. Camargo, R. Wu, R.Y. Neches, M. Nolan, A. Paez-Espino, and A.C. Copeland, et al. 2023. "A global atlas of soil viruses reveals unexplored biodiversity and potential biogeochemical impacts." Nature Microbiology. [Unpublished]

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