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Aaron Wright leads the Chemical Biology & Exposure Sciences Group in the Biological Sciences Division at PNNL.  His highly collaborative and diverse chemical biology research team is focused on gaining an improved functional and mechanistic understanding of biological processes including: (a) spatiotemporal, functional, and interaction dynamics of microbes and microbiomes; (b) oxidative and conjugation metabolism in mammalian liver and lung, particularly with regard to environmental exposures and the effect of developmental stage; and, (c) the coupling of host metabolism to the gut microbiome.  To improve our understanding of biological processes we synthesize chemical probes that are coupled to high sensitivity omics, imaging, and other analytics, in addition to 'traditional' microbiology, genetics, and molecular biology experiments.  Our research team is a talented composite of biologists, chemists, and chemical biologists, and include research staff, post-doctoral and post-bachelor's research associates, graduate students (from Washington State University, WSU) and undergraduate interns working closely together with our PNNL colleagues and external collaborators.  Interested in joining our research team?  Send Dr. Wright an email.

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