Snekmer: a scalable pipeline for protein sequence fingerprinting based on amino acid recoding

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Christine H Chang, William C Nelson, Abby Jerger, Aaron T Wright, Robert G Egbert, Jason E McDermott, Snekmer: a scalable pipeline for protein sequence fingerprinting based on amino acid recoding, Bioinformatics Advances, Volume 3, Issue 1, 2023, vbad005,


Funding Acknowledgments

This work was supported by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) and is a contribution of the Scientific Focus Area ‘Persistence Control of Engineered Functions in Complex Soil Microbiomes’, the DOE/BER ‘Improved Protein Annotation in KBase Using Machine Learning, Multi-Omics Data Integration, and Structural Prediction’ project, the DOE/BER ‘Machine-Learning Approaches for Integrating Multi-Omics Data to Expand Microbiome Annotation’ project, NSF [1856556], the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, under Interagency Agreement [DTRA13081–37739], and the Proxy Applications for Converged Workloads (PACER) project, a component of the Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. PNNL is operated for the DOE by Battelle Memorial Institute under Contract [DE-AC05-76RL01830].

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Last updated on 2023-02-23T19:37:46+00:00 by LN Anderson PerCon SFA Project Publication Experimental Data Catalog The Persistence Control of Engineered Functions in Complex Soil Microbiomes Project (PerCon SFA) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ( PNNL ) is a Genomic Sciences Program...

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Dr. Jason McDermott, senior research scientist, has extensive research experience in molecular and structural virology and data resource design, data integration and prediction of biological networks, bridging experimental and computational biology. Currently, his research interests include data...

Aaron Wright leads the Chemical Biology & Exposure Sciences Group in the Biological Sciences Division at PNNL. His highly collaborative and diverse chemical biology research team is focused on gaining an improved functional and mechanistic understanding of biological processes including: (a)...

Dr. Nelson is a computational scientist at PNNL. Since coming to PNNL, he has focused on methods to determine precise understanding of microbial community structure and function through the resolution of individual genome sequences from metagenomic data, and exploration of variation between...

Biography I am a biological engineer working to advance high-throughput biological engineering for rapid optimization of complex gene clusters and dynamical systems in microbes through pooled genomic library assembly, high-throughput sequencing and variant scoring. I utilize machine learning...

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