KS-TmG.1.0 (Metagenome, KS)

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To enable a comprehensive survey of the metabolic potential of complex soil microbiomes, we performed ultra-deep metagenome sequencing, collecting >1 terabase of sequence data from grassland soils representing different precipitation regimes. Soil sample collections representing an intermediate precipitation regime (rain-fed and irrigated agriculture), were collected from Konza Prairie Biological Station (KPBS).


Metagenomics sequencing of material recovered from environmental soil samples to provide insight into biodiversity and function of associated environmental data. The versions described in this paper are the first version. Datasets contain raw reads, assemblies, functional annotations, field site plot maps, MIMS.me.soil.5.0 metadata information, and a “Read Me” file.

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KS-TmG.1.0 Read Me

KS-TmG.1.0 MIMS Soil 5.0

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KS-TmG.1.0 Plot Map

KS-TmG.1.0 Functional Annotations [779.4 MB; 2 items]

KS-TmG.1.0 Assembly [25.6 GB; 9 items]

KS-TmG.1.0 Raw Reads [628.2 GB; 14 items]


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Terabase Metagenome Sequencing of Grassland Soil Microbiomes
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