Model Soil Consortium 2 (MSC-2) Bacterial Isolate Genomes

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Please cite as: McClure R.S., Y. Farris, R.E. Danczak, W.C. Nelson, H. Song, A. Kessler, and J. Lee, et al. 2022. Model Soil Consortium 2 (MSC-2) Bacterial Isolate Genomes. [Data Set] PNNL DataHub.

Model Soil Consortium 2 (MSC-2) Bacterial Isolate Genomes

Model Soil Consortium 2 (MSC-2) bacterial isolate genome collections are derived from the soil consortium "MSC-1" multi-species cultured isolate genome collections from a previously reported WA-IsoC_MSC1.1.0 collection of a naturally evolved, model soil consortia (10.25584/WAIsoCMSC1/1635272). This collection contains 8 different isolate species cultivated under variable carbon and nitrogen sources, originating from the IAREC grassland soil field site located in Prosser, WA, USA.

Genomic sequencing of one or more organisms, or genomes in general, such as meta-information on genomes, genome projects, gene names of a given organism within a natural environment. The version described here is the first version.

Experimental Data Accessions

Dataset download contains raw read sequencing files, assembly files, functional annotations, and metadata information.

BioProject:    PRJNA788902

GenBank Accessions:    

  1. Isolate: MSC1_007 | Assembly: GCA_023667495.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812843 
  2. Isolate: MSC1_011 | Assembly: GCA_023667555.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812845 
  3. Isolate: MSC1_005 | Assembly: GCA_023667605.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812842 
  4. Isolate: MSC1_016 | Assembly: GCA_023667485.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812848 
  5. Isolate: MSC1_014 | Assembly: GCA_023197145.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812847 
  6. Isolate: MSC1_008 | Assembly: GCA_023197165.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812844 
  7. Isolate: MSC1_001 | Assembly: GCA_023667545.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812841 
  8. Isolate: MSC1_012 | Assembly: GCA_023667525.1 | BioSample: SAMN24812846 
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