RNA viruses in grassland soils (Prosser, WA)

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Please cite as: Wu R., A.E. Zimmerman, and K.S. Hofmockel. 2023. RNA viruses in grassland soils (Prosser, WA). [Data Set] PNNL DataHub. https://data.pnnl.gov/group/nodes/dataset/33706

The data is comprised of RNA viral sequences that were bioinformatically screened from the de novo assemblies of the 24 metatranscriptomes generated from: 

Naylor D, Naasko K, Smith M, Couvillion S, Nicora C, Trejo J, Fransen S, Danczak R, McClure R, Hofmockel KS and Jansson JK (2023) Interactive effects of depth and differential irrigation on soil microbiome composition and functioning. Front. Microbiomes 2:1078024. doi: 10.3389/frmbi.2023.1078024

The original data for that publication is available at https://doi.org/10.25584/1986545.


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