R Source Code for Fusarium DS 682 Fungal Isolate Proteogenomics Statistical Analysis


Fusarium sp. DS682 Proteogenomics Statistical Data Analysis of SFA dataset download: 10.25584/KSOmicsFspDS682/1766303.

GitHub Repository Source: https://github.com/lmbramer/Fusarium-sp.-DS-682-Proteogenomics

  • MaxQuant Export Files (txt)
  • Trelliscope Boxplots (jsonp)
  • Fusarium Report (.Rmd, html)
  • Proteomics (.Rproj)
  • Analysis References (.bib)
  • Fusarium sp. DS682 Normalized Log2 Data (.csv)
  • Fusarium sp. DS682 Statistical Log2 Data Results (.csv)
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The Phenotypic Response of the Soil Microbiome to Environmental Perturbations Project (Soil Microbiome SFA) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a Genomic Sciences Program Science Focus Area (SFA) Project operating under the Environmental Microbiome Science Research Area. The Soil Microbiome...

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Lindsey N. Anderson
Dr William C Nelson
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